Autoclub of the Czech Republic

I absolutely don't know what to do. Can you give me some advice?

We have prepared a detailed manual for the registration to the system and application for a licence. Manual for cars is available here, for motorcycles here.

I would like to apply for a licence for my son / daughter. How should I proceed?

It is necessary to create a profile in ACCR - Information System directly for your son / daughter. The system is designed so that the profile of driver "grows up" together with him / her. Username can be chosen arbitrarily. There can be used parent's e-mail address.

What happens after I upload the documents needed for the licence?

After successful upload of the document you are informed by a dialog box. Red cross is displayed when the upload failed. In case of successful upload, blue question mark is displayed. After approving the document by ACCR staff the mark is changed to green pictogram.

I have chosen licence of FIM/FIM Europe. What happens then?

It is necessary to contact the secretariat of motorcycle sport (sekretariát motocyklového sportu). For international licence it is mandatory to issue also licence from international motorcycling federation FIM or FIM Europe. These licences are issued directly from the federation and it is not possible to apply for them in ACCR - Information System. These licences are paid to the different account. More information can be provided by the secretariat of motorcycle sport. Contacts are available here.

When and where will come my plastic card?

For national licence the plastic card is only on request. For races in the Czech republic it is not mandatory to have a plastic card and PDF licence, which can be printed from the ACCR - Information System is fully sufficient. For international licence the plastic card is issued automatically. If you have marked in the information system, that you wanted the plastic card or you have applied for the international licence, you will receive it within 14 days to the address stated in your profile.

I have applied for a national licence. Is it possible to upgrade it to the international licence during the season? How much will it cost?

Yes, it is possible. If you meet the requirements for licence of higher grade, you can apply for an upgrade. You will pay the difference of price between the current national and the new international licence. Together with new licence grade the appropriate insurance may be required. If you already have insurance and for international licence is required insurance with higher grade, you must pay the whole amount.

I would like to buy a different insurance for issued licence. What is the procedure about?

If you want to buy a different insurance, it is necessary to click on button "Modify the licence" in the detail of the appropriate licence. In the first step (choosing the championship and grade of licence) it is not necessary to do any changes and in the next step it is possible to choose any insurance. After that it is necessary to complete the change request. After payment of the fee (by bank transfer or by credit card), the insurance will be activated.

What are the photo requirements for the licence?

The photo is determined for the licence. It must meet the same requirements like the photo for official documents like ID or passport. Minimal height of the picture is 640 px and minimal width is 497 px. System is accepting pictures in these formats: JPG, PNG and WEBP.

Detailed description of the photo requirements:

  • It must be in black and white or color version, it has a rectangular shape with 9:7 aspect ratio, it is standing on the shorter side, with sharp corners.
  • On the picture there must be head and upper part of the shoulder, everything in a front view. The person's sight must be focused to the lens.
  • It corresponds to the appearance of the portraited person in time of the application. Sight over the shoulder, rotated or inclined head are not admissible. Portraited person must have neutral expression and closed mouth, eyes must be opened and cannot be covered by hair. The person's glasses in the photo must not cover the eyes and create the reflection. Cover of the head for religious or health reasons may not create shadows on the face.
  • A distance between top edge of the head and top edge of the picture must be at least 2 mm. The height of the face part of the head, which is comprised by the distance from eyes to the chin, is at least 13 mm.
  • The background for the person being displayed is white to light blue, eventually dark grey, smooth transition of these colors is allowed. Picture is without reflections, which should hide or strongly change characteristics of the person's identification, mainly the shape and position of eyebrows, eyes, nose, mouth, chin and general face shape. It is not allowed to make any retouching or any other adjustments of the picture's negative or positive or digital picture same as its printing.

How are my passwords stored in the system?

Passwords are never stored in a legible form. Passwords are stored and hashed by algorithm Argon2i. The password cannot be retrieved in a legible form, in case of forgetting the password it is necessary to use the function password recovery.